Resolutions Revisited

In January, I made some resolutions for the first half of the year. Let's check in and see how I did, shall we? 

Check List
{funny check list from here}

Give the apartment a good spring cleaning. Check! I spent each week in February deep-cleaning a room. 

Read one history-related book. Check! I read nineteen books so far this year, including one by a historian, Supremacy and Survival. It's about the Catholic Church in England from the Reformation to the present day. 

Paint our tv stand white. Check! In January, I painted our tv stand and did a few other little painting projects. 

Create a usable recipe binder. Check! In February, I typed up all my favorite recipes and organized them into a pretty binder. 

Make a photo book documenting our college years. Almost Check. I did most of the book over spring break and finished up the last few pages in May. But, it's a pretty big book {120 pages} and therefore pretty expensive {$50 from Blurb} so I am waiting until we get that first real-job paycheck to order it. 

Prepare for Baby's arrival. Almost Check. We got all the important stuff done, but Claire's unexpected arrival meant that some things didn't get crossed off my to-do list. Luckily, my sister came to visit the week after Claire was born and stocked our freezer with meals. Adam and I did have one last pre-baby date planned {to the symphony and a fancy French restaurant} that we missed out on. Oh, well. That's life, right?

After Baby arrives, send out birth announcements and get he or she baptized. Check! In April, basically every second I wasn't feeding Claire, I was writing thank-you notes and addressing birth announcements. We had some gift certificates to Shutterfly, so we got these ones for just the cost of shipping. And Claire was baptized at our home parish in early June. 

Visit everyone we know on the East Coast. Check! We visited my relatives in Canada in May. In June, we visited our parents in Houston as well as Adam's relatives in Louisiana and Florida. 

Pack up our apartment and move across the country to Seattle. Check!  We are very blessed to have movers coming to pack everything. I just organized Claire's clothes and my craft supplies into a few Rubbermaid containers we had stashed in the basement. {All of this was previously crammed under our bed. I'm really not that organized, just good at hiding stuff.}

My goals for the second half of the year are much more low-key:

Find a new apartment, move in, and unpack. {Along with the dozens of little things that come with moving like updating our address with various companies, finding new doctors, and getting new driver's licenses.}

Celebrate Claire's first Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas in style. {I've almost convinced Adam that we should dress Claire up as a hot dog for Halloween and then we can be ketchup and mustard. Also, I really want to make one of Claire's Christmas gifts. I'm thinking this and maybe these.}

And that's it!


  1. I was just thinking of writing a post like this. :) Good for you on accomplishing all your goals!

  2. Sounds like a very successful first half of the year :) I really should write down some goals for the next few months for myself...

    Good luck with your move! When do you leave?

    1. we leave on saturday. ahh!


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